What’s better than enjoying local, fresh produce? Growing it yourself.

Join our Network of Backyard Partners in the Metro Area

The mission behind "Backyard Partner" is simple: bring more urban residents into the vibrancy of the Twin Cities growing mycology community. We recognize there are many obstacles to participating in urban agriculture, such as time, money, knowledge, licensing, land-ownership, distribution channels, etc. By lowering these traditional barriers to entry, our vision is to lower these barriers and bring participation to a wider network of urban dwellers.

Our Partners:

What is a Backyard Partner?


Backyard Partners have mushroom mulch beds installed by us directly on their Urban properties. A portion of the Mushrooms yielded from each Partner (50%) will be returned to us to be distributed through our network of local restaurants, co-ops and farmers markets. The remaining yield (50%) will be entirely available to you for, well, eating!

What does it cost (time and money) to become a Backyard Partner?

The cost to become a Backyard Partner is $100. We handle the installation ourselves after a brief consultation to determine the ideal location and size of the mulch bed in your urban space.

How can I become a Backyard Partner?

It’s easy! Navigate to our Contact Us page. Ensure to include "Backyard Partner" in the subject line for more information on how to participate, or to find out who’s in your network.

Can you break it down further for me, please?

Sure thing. The best way to do this is with an example. Let’s pretend we installed a 150 square ft bed inoculated with Wine Cap mushrooms in your backyard. We would expect two flushes per year, with at least 112 lbs of mushrooms per flush. After harvesting 28 lbs for yourself for the first flush, you leave the remaining 84 lbs for Backyard Fungi. Additionally, we would provide routine maintenance to your mulch bed at no cost. It's a win-win, with the heavy lifting done by the mushrooms themselves. Let’s say the second flush comes around and you’re struggling to get through the first 28 lbs! Backyard Fungi will buy any leftover mushrooms from you and sell to our network. You can pretty easily pay off your initial $100 investment within the one to two years and have a lifetime supply of mushrooms from your backyard with no further costs.